Facilitating your relocation in Paris

A transfer implies high costs (such as travel, hotel, and temporary residencies) and require considerable administrative work that need to be supported. Also, dealing with administrative procedures can be a daunting task for those not acquainted with this complexity.  But you are not alone. We assist and guide you throughout the various procedures.


We discuss your issues one by one and solve them together.  We exchange together with private companies or government administrations – real estate, bank and finance, mobile phone and internet providers, transportation, social security, healthcare, etc. 


According to your situation, we work face-to-face, or through video conferences, phone calls, emails, etc.  Sometimes face-to-face meeting are always more efficient, as we can go through specific documents together and make phone calls or visits together if needed. Also I will provide you a list of resources that may help you further. In addition, I will be available to you anytime through email. I can also come with you to some important appointments, so as to help with the translation and explain clearly your specific situation.


  • As every situation is very specific, it is difficult to assess a specific number of hours needed to solve every issue. So we do not have bundled packages, but subscription to the service, with various options according to the number of hours purchased
  • Upfront payment; decreasing pricing according to the number of hours purchased
  • We measure the time spent on every situation and I sent you every week a recap of our work, and the number of hours remaining on your subscription. Any hour not used on relocation assistance can be used in private French teaching.

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