Private French Lessons

We create personalized programs to suit your needs based upon your availability and goals. Your French lessons will fully integrate with your Parisian life. We offer 3 options:.

professionals1) Private lessons for professionals and private individuals
Personalized based upon your level and your work schedule:
– 1-hour (or more) sessions
– Hours to suit your schedule (early morning, noon, or evening)
– A convenient location that suits your needs: your office, in a cafe or a Skype session.



2) Private lessons or in small groups. Taking place outdoors to explore Paris and meet Parisians: the goal is to be more at ease when communicating with a French person, or to improve your French while discovering Paris.

Cours en exterieur – Sessions of 1.5 to 4 hours
– A district of Paris or theme of your choice
– A list of vocabulary and explanations delivered to you by the end of the lesson
– A fun way to improve your knowledge of the French language and culture


Patrimoine culturel

3) Private or small group lessons, exploring the French cultural heritage: Visiting workshops – These lessons are primarily for people who already have an advanced level in French. These customized tours (depending on your interests) allow you to discover the most beautiful techniques of artisans and craftsmen in Paris.

To find out more, contact us now!

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