Coordination & support services

Keep-Calm-and-Carry-OnOur goal: to facilitate your stay in Paris!

No use denying it, the bureaucracy in France (either in the public or private sectors) can sometimes be complicated for newcomers. Dealing with administrative procedures can be a daunting task for those not acquainted with bureaucracy or the complexity in a foreign country. We assist and guide our clients in all kinds of procedures.

If your stay is short – we help you organize and coordinate your visit, whether it be for business or vacation (arranging accommodations, organizing transportation, appointments, booking restaurants, tours and shows, etc.)
If your stay is longer (a few weeks to a few years) – we assist and guide you with various procedures and exchanges with government administrations and other offices – social security, healthcare, real estate, bank and finance, mobile phone and internet providers, transportation, writing a resume in French, getting coached for a job interview, setting up a business, etc.

(For information on our Marketing & Communication services, please visit the specific page here).

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